Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I think we all know what I am referring to, but in case you are amongst the un-knowing.  I am referring to female ejaculation.  My first question...when in the hell did this become such a focal point for men???  Prior to about 2 years ago (leading me to believe this is a media-driven development) no one had ever in life asked me if I was a squirter.  Now I hear it tossed around commonly.

Personally I don't believe most women are squirters...I also don't believe many women know the difference between the sensation of orgasm and that of needing to relieve their bladder.  The feeling is very similar.  Also, in order to be considered "ejaculation" there needs to be a gush.  Not the normal trickle that women get... a gush like a man gets is what I consider squirting. 

So men, tell many women have you been with who squirted?  And are you sure it was cum and not simply piss?  Please don't use the argument that "they come from different holes"--those holes are inches apart and you cannot honestly tell me when you're doing your thing that you really notice what hole things are coming from.

If I'm totally off-base...please set me straight.

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  1. OMG..I think that I just squirted while reading this!!! (Piss.. not cum.) That's just hilarious!!! Really?? C'mon

  2. This is mad true! I do think every female has the potential to be a squirter if her man is doing his job though #thatisall

  3. I read an article that said that even if it is actually "ejaculation", it is still mixed in with pee. So either way fellas your getting both lol.

    I have tried practicing on squirting but I am still unsuccessful lol.

  4. I have had both. But mostly pee, but I like