Monday, December 6, 2010

Random Thought: Love NO Limit

I do really like Keri Hilson's song Breaking Point...and I really do feel what she's saying.  But then I think back to my girl Mary and think of her song Love No Limit...I still love this song. Talk about 2 very different relationship stances.

Does Keri's breaking point perhaps signify why so many young women are single, whether happily or unhappily?

Does Mary's lack of a limit on love tell the tale of why so many women stay in what others deem a failed relationship?

These are just my thoughts...feel free to comment.

Relationship Daddies

Sorry, it's been a while since I posted but I'm working like a slave these days :(

This topic idea came from something I saw on twitter.  You can all thank @lilduval for kinda incensing me and therefore making this blog-worthy.

Now, all men who are in children's lives only for the duration of the relationship with the mother are DEAD ASS WRONG.  Please don't assume I give anyway a free pass on this...I don't.  But I guess as a mother, at the end of the night I must blame the mother for allowing this transient person into her child's life.

Apparently I'm very shady when it comes to my child--I've been told this, I manage to continue to not give two damns about how anyone feels about that.  I've yet to be involved with a man who was worthy of meeting my child...not a single one.  Not that they weren't good men per se...they just weren't the man I planned to settle down with and marry.  So why would they be worthy of meeting my princess?  And asking too many questions about her is a turn-off for me.  My child has a father and I'm neither looking for a better model nor a replacement.  But I understand (ok I don't understand, I just know) that I'm not amongst the majority when it comes to this.  Ladies...why are you introducing your most precious gift(s) to some man you've only known to have breathed for 6 months???

Now, back to you men.  If you have a child of your own (assuming you are a part of their life--if you're not then I'm judging you for that as well) and know the importance of the role of daddy in a child's can you live with yourself and do this to an innocent child and still live with yourself?  I have an my dear, are a piece of shit.  And if you grew up without a father, while that may mean you are not 100% clear on what daddy do know what it felt like to have daddy not fill a void.  And can you do that to another person when you know the pain it caused you?

For the curious... @lilduval (and I hope he was joking since I know he's a father-but I didn't get that vibe) basically admitted to being a relationship daddy.  All on board while mommy's warming his penis...but not to be found once things get a little shaky. 

So, tell do you feel about the relationship daddy?  Are you one?  Do you allow them into your child's life?