Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I know someone got where I'm going with this from the title.  For those of you who did not, let me explain.

Vertically challenged men very often have attitude problems...I don't think there is much denying that.  But I don't consider that a Napoleonic complex like many people do...b/c since I've started giving shorter men a chance, I've noticed that is not quite being fair.  Don't get me wrong, some short men do have issues based solely upon their height...those men are Tiny Tim's. 

There is nothing remarkable about a Tiny Tim...he's just tiny.  For me, he is also inclined to pluck my nerves and be the recipient of a cuss out at some not far off point in our knowing each other. 

Napoleons, on the other hand are pretty damn remarkable!!!  Now, the attitude is there, but it's not height-derived-it's based on the fact that the 3rd leg is banging off the knee cap of one of those legs used for walking.  Napoleon's attitude is in knowing that his package is bigger than a dude twice his size and the knowledge that if you were to see what he's workin might not be so quick to sleep on him.

This is of course just one woman's opinion...


I was watching a repeat of Bill Maher with one of my guy was shortly after (men would have to tell me which athlete this was) an athlete had been outed for sending nude texts of himself.  Bill stated that women just don't want to see that, which caused a look (at me) from my friend...and a look of disbelief (from me) to Bill.  

The look I got was b/c this same person has sent me several of those same kind of texts b/c as I will tell any man who is willing to send a pic (I'm even really ok with you just whippin it out in my presence) "I just wanna see them all". 

And I DO wanna see them, I don't necessarily desire to touch them or anything, but it doesn't hurt to look right?  If anyone is inspired to send me a email is below--I'm not laughing.