Monday, December 6, 2010

Random Thought: Love NO Limit

I do really like Keri Hilson's song Breaking Point...and I really do feel what she's saying.  But then I think back to my girl Mary and think of her song Love No Limit...I still love this song. Talk about 2 very different relationship stances.

Does Keri's breaking point perhaps signify why so many young women are single, whether happily or unhappily?

Does Mary's lack of a limit on love tell the tale of why so many women stay in what others deem a failed relationship?

These are just my thoughts...feel free to comment.

Relationship Daddies

Sorry, it's been a while since I posted but I'm working like a slave these days :(

This topic idea came from something I saw on twitter.  You can all thank @lilduval for kinda incensing me and therefore making this blog-worthy.

Now, all men who are in children's lives only for the duration of the relationship with the mother are DEAD ASS WRONG.  Please don't assume I give anyway a free pass on this...I don't.  But I guess as a mother, at the end of the night I must blame the mother for allowing this transient person into her child's life.

Apparently I'm very shady when it comes to my child--I've been told this, I manage to continue to not give two damns about how anyone feels about that.  I've yet to be involved with a man who was worthy of meeting my child...not a single one.  Not that they weren't good men per se...they just weren't the man I planned to settle down with and marry.  So why would they be worthy of meeting my princess?  And asking too many questions about her is a turn-off for me.  My child has a father and I'm neither looking for a better model nor a replacement.  But I understand (ok I don't understand, I just know) that I'm not amongst the majority when it comes to this.  Ladies...why are you introducing your most precious gift(s) to some man you've only known to have breathed for 6 months???

Now, back to you men.  If you have a child of your own (assuming you are a part of their life--if you're not then I'm judging you for that as well) and know the importance of the role of daddy in a child's can you live with yourself and do this to an innocent child and still live with yourself?  I have an my dear, are a piece of shit.  And if you grew up without a father, while that may mean you are not 100% clear on what daddy do know what it felt like to have daddy not fill a void.  And can you do that to another person when you know the pain it caused you?

For the curious... @lilduval (and I hope he was joking since I know he's a father-but I didn't get that vibe) basically admitted to being a relationship daddy.  All on board while mommy's warming his penis...but not to be found once things get a little shaky. 

So, tell do you feel about the relationship daddy?  Are you one?  Do you allow them into your child's life?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Random Thought: Feeling a Little Airy?

I see women bent over, sitting, etc. with a substantial portion of their asses hanging out.  Every woman I know has had pant-slippage at one point or another, but ladies...don't you feel that?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Random Thoughts: No Homo

Why do people feel the need to say "no homo"?  Saying this to me immediately sends up a red are a person who is not comfortable with or sure about your sexuality.  Otherwise, why would you feel the need to say that?

Do you use this term?  If so...why?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good and Bad Hair

Don't let the title fool you.  I'm speaking very literally of hair that looks good and hair that looks bad.

I gotta say I love the ability to do all sorts of things with my hair, but the goal at the end of the night is for it to always look good...and equally important...natural.

It seems, however that these goals are not important for everyone...and IMO many of you ladies (this is not a race-specific thing...clowns come in all colors) look just like the picture I posted above. 

When I heard the other week on the radio that all the green hair in Philly was sold out until January, I was appalled.  Not only that there were women out there who desired green hair, but that there was such a massive amount as to have completely been sold out in a city over-ridden with hair supply stores.  My next thought, where does one work if they have green hair?  I could only think of about 3 lucrative careers for someone with green hair. 

I recall when it was difficult to determine if someone was wearing fake hair, now it's often blatantly apparent--why is the edge of your lacefront so obviously the edge of your lacefront???  People used to dye their hair with they dye it kool aid colors.  Manic panic was used for streaks (only on a full head if you were a Goth or Skater), now it's commonplace and often worn in the form of a head-full of manic panic yaky.

Are we running out of things to do with our hair?  Or have we run out of the sense required to do reasonable things with our hair?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Thoughts: Social Networking

Ok, so I decided to do a little random thought thingie every now and again.  You can comment...I don't care.  But they are my random thoughts so there is no rhyme nor reason to them....there will not be a picture on these...too much randomness.

My random thought:  If you are concerned about who's viewing your profile or pictures...why are you on Facebook?  Was it the "social" or the "networking" part that kinda threw you off?

You may see more random thoughts than actual posts...I have lots of thoughts...they are generally random.

                                                                                                       Love ya'll!


Monday, November 15, 2010

To wax or not to wax...

Can anyone tell me when how much or little hair you have on your vagina became such an important matter?  This is another thing that just didn't seem to exist 10 years ago.  No one cared then--so why do so many people care now?

Personally I've never been a fan of the full brazilian (I waited a lotta years to grow hair in my special place) and of the few men I've asked...they weren't either.  However I'm also not a fan of a whole hair gone wild thing down their either.  I lean more towards a landing strip or well-trimmed bikini look.  I think landing strips are just cute as can be and the bikini wax is an all-around functional choice.

But what are your thoughts?  What do you have?  What do you like?  And why?

Talk to me...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I think we all know what I am referring to, but in case you are amongst the un-knowing.  I am referring to female ejaculation.  My first question...when in the hell did this become such a focal point for men???  Prior to about 2 years ago (leading me to believe this is a media-driven development) no one had ever in life asked me if I was a squirter.  Now I hear it tossed around commonly.

Personally I don't believe most women are squirters...I also don't believe many women know the difference between the sensation of orgasm and that of needing to relieve their bladder.  The feeling is very similar.  Also, in order to be considered "ejaculation" there needs to be a gush.  Not the normal trickle that women get... a gush like a man gets is what I consider squirting. 

So men, tell many women have you been with who squirted?  And are you sure it was cum and not simply piss?  Please don't use the argument that "they come from different holes"--those holes are inches apart and you cannot honestly tell me when you're doing your thing that you really notice what hole things are coming from.

If I'm totally off-base...please set me straight.

For topic suggestions, personal stories or if you are looking for advice (I'll even take an erotic story if you want to submit that)

**I am still working on the site, so bear with me things will be changing slowly--email me if you have any suggestions for things you'd like to see**

I'm Back Bitches!!!

Well hello again!  It's been a minute since I blogged, but dammit, I have opinions, and things to discuss.  Plus, I missed ya'll and the craziness that this blog brought.  Sooooo...obviously I decided to re-open the blog...hopefully some of my former faithfuls will come back and show me some love. 
  In order to maintain an interest this time...I do not plan to post daily.  I think that's why I lost interest before it went from being fun to being work.  I may cover topics covered in the past--I deleted everything when I closed the blog before so forgive me for that, but it's been a while and I'd bet my perspective on some things changed.  I'll also be writing less from my perspective and more from a general perspective.  So I hope we can have some fun and informative discussions. 

                                                                                              Love ya'll!!
                                                                                              Sugar aka So Mean

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