Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I know someone got where I'm going with this from the title.  For those of you who did not, let me explain.

Vertically challenged men very often have attitude problems...I don't think there is much denying that.  But I don't consider that a Napoleonic complex like many people do...b/c since I've started giving shorter men a chance, I've noticed that is not quite being fair.  Don't get me wrong, some short men do have issues based solely upon their height...those men are Tiny Tim's. 

There is nothing remarkable about a Tiny Tim...he's just tiny.  For me, he is also inclined to pluck my nerves and be the recipient of a cuss out at some not far off point in our knowing each other. 

Napoleons, on the other hand are pretty damn remarkable!!!  Now, the attitude is there, but it's not height-derived-it's based on the fact that the 3rd leg is banging off the knee cap of one of those legs used for walking.  Napoleon's attitude is in knowing that his package is bigger than a dude twice his size and the knowledge that if you were to see what he's workin might not be so quick to sleep on him.

This is of course just one woman's opinion...


I was watching a repeat of Bill Maher with one of my guy was shortly after (men would have to tell me which athlete this was) an athlete had been outed for sending nude texts of himself.  Bill stated that women just don't want to see that, which caused a look (at me) from my friend...and a look of disbelief (from me) to Bill.  

The look I got was b/c this same person has sent me several of those same kind of texts b/c as I will tell any man who is willing to send a pic (I'm even really ok with you just whippin it out in my presence) "I just wanna see them all". 

And I DO wanna see them, I don't necessarily desire to touch them or anything, but it doesn't hurt to look right?  If anyone is inspired to send me a email is below--I'm not laughing. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I think everyone has something, or for some people way too many things (how you doin' Chilli?) that would make them consider someone not dateable.  I'm kinda wondering what those things are for other people.  I'm not so much wondering about those "at that time" things that make you not date them not currently having a job (unless like someone I know that not currently has been going on for the entire year I've known him and he'd already told me he had been out of work for close to a year when I met him) or a car, etc...these are changeable things...unless you are someone who always discludes someone based on things that can be changed. 

I personally think I'm pretty easy-going where this is concerned (I'm fairly sure I can't count on both hands the number of people who would object).  The biggie's for me are: you cannot have more than 3 children (I don't care if all 5 of your kids are with one woman-that's too many damn kids for me and I'm not interested), you cannot have more than 2 women who have mothered your children (I don't care if you've been married 3 times (that's an issue anyway) I can't have to deal with more than 2 females in our life.  You cannot have been married more than twice-and I'm really shaky on that twice...once would work better.  You can't not be taking care of your kids if you have them...while that may be shows a serious character flaw and I can't get down with that nonsense.  You cannot have a serious dependency issue of any sort...and that can be drugs, alcohol, your mother (momma's boys are not my style...there can only be one female in charge and I'm an alpha you know who it's gonna be right?).  And I think the last would be you MUST have a backbone...if you allow me to I will walk over you once and jump on you the second time around-and please don't mis-interpret what I mean.  I know some females are into being shaken and shoved and whatnot (not that mess--it will turn domestic cause I don't play that and I will blackout and try to kill your ass).

So talk to me...I'm especially interested in hearing the male perspective.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So why the hell do I see so many people trying to do just that? 

If you buy a friend and go broke...will they still be your friend?  Not likely.  So why do you think a significant other would fall into different criteria??? 

I don't know if men deal with this...I think women use their bodies to buy men...and primarily their 3 penetrable orifices.  I'm not talking about that (although ya gotta admit it's the same damn thing)...I'm talking about someone straight up and down trying to buy you.

I know I've had more than a few men try to buy my time.  It started back in college when the owner of a local bar/eatery wanted to make me the manager (mind you my major was English and I'd only waitressed for about 10 minutes and can't bartend) of his establishment.  Of course, the price was that I also be his trophy.  He was old enough to be my father.  But it hasn't ended.  Some days I wonder if it's something about me that makes men think they need to impress me (this has continued on with Bentley dude, $150,000 Benz dude, Range Rover dude, owner of multiple properties dude, owns an airplane dude, etc.).  Please note that none of these men had names or were what you presented yourself object.  Not an object of my desire because I'm not materialistic and despise that trait in others.  But merely an object...not one I even desired to have.

Even when I told one dude that he was "electricity" he still didn't seem to get that there was no romantic wanted to pay a bill and I gave you one to pay.  And when I was done with him...while it hurt to not have that bill paid, the person who paid the bill didn't matter...cause he never did. 

So why are people so dead-set on buying something that really cannot be bought?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Random Thought: Love NO Limit

I do really like Keri Hilson's song Breaking Point...and I really do feel what she's saying.  But then I think back to my girl Mary and think of her song Love No Limit...I still love this song. Talk about 2 very different relationship stances.

Does Keri's breaking point perhaps signify why so many young women are single, whether happily or unhappily?

Does Mary's lack of a limit on love tell the tale of why so many women stay in what others deem a failed relationship?

These are just my thoughts...feel free to comment.

Relationship Daddies

Sorry, it's been a while since I posted but I'm working like a slave these days :(

This topic idea came from something I saw on twitter.  You can all thank @lilduval for kinda incensing me and therefore making this blog-worthy.

Now, all men who are in children's lives only for the duration of the relationship with the mother are DEAD ASS WRONG.  Please don't assume I give anyway a free pass on this...I don't.  But I guess as a mother, at the end of the night I must blame the mother for allowing this transient person into her child's life.

Apparently I'm very shady when it comes to my child--I've been told this, I manage to continue to not give two damns about how anyone feels about that.  I've yet to be involved with a man who was worthy of meeting my child...not a single one.  Not that they weren't good men per se...they just weren't the man I planned to settle down with and marry.  So why would they be worthy of meeting my princess?  And asking too many questions about her is a turn-off for me.  My child has a father and I'm neither looking for a better model nor a replacement.  But I understand (ok I don't understand, I just know) that I'm not amongst the majority when it comes to this.  Ladies...why are you introducing your most precious gift(s) to some man you've only known to have breathed for 6 months???

Now, back to you men.  If you have a child of your own (assuming you are a part of their life--if you're not then I'm judging you for that as well) and know the importance of the role of daddy in a child's can you live with yourself and do this to an innocent child and still live with yourself?  I have an my dear, are a piece of shit.  And if you grew up without a father, while that may mean you are not 100% clear on what daddy do know what it felt like to have daddy not fill a void.  And can you do that to another person when you know the pain it caused you?

For the curious... @lilduval (and I hope he was joking since I know he's a father-but I didn't get that vibe) basically admitted to being a relationship daddy.  All on board while mommy's warming his penis...but not to be found once things get a little shaky. 

So, tell do you feel about the relationship daddy?  Are you one?  Do you allow them into your child's life?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Random Thought: Feeling a Little Airy?

I see women bent over, sitting, etc. with a substantial portion of their asses hanging out.  Every woman I know has had pant-slippage at one point or another, but ladies...don't you feel that?