Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I think everyone has something, or for some people way too many things (how you doin' Chilli?) that would make them consider someone not dateable.  I'm kinda wondering what those things are for other people.  I'm not so much wondering about those "at that time" things that make you not date them not currently having a job (unless like someone I know that not currently has been going on for the entire year I've known him and he'd already told me he had been out of work for close to a year when I met him) or a car, etc...these are changeable things...unless you are someone who always discludes someone based on things that can be changed. 

I personally think I'm pretty easy-going where this is concerned (I'm fairly sure I can't count on both hands the number of people who would object).  The biggie's for me are: you cannot have more than 3 children (I don't care if all 5 of your kids are with one woman-that's too many damn kids for me and I'm not interested), you cannot have more than 2 women who have mothered your children (I don't care if you've been married 3 times (that's an issue anyway) I can't have to deal with more than 2 females in our life.  You cannot have been married more than twice-and I'm really shaky on that twice...once would work better.  You can't not be taking care of your kids if you have them...while that may be shows a serious character flaw and I can't get down with that nonsense.  You cannot have a serious dependency issue of any sort...and that can be drugs, alcohol, your mother (momma's boys are not my style...there can only be one female in charge and I'm an alpha you know who it's gonna be right?).  And I think the last would be you MUST have a backbone...if you allow me to I will walk over you once and jump on you the second time around-and please don't mis-interpret what I mean.  I know some females are into being shaken and shoved and whatnot (not that mess--it will turn domestic cause I don't play that and I will blackout and try to kill your ass).

So talk to me...I'm especially interested in hearing the male perspective.

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