Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So why the hell do I see so many people trying to do just that? 

If you buy a friend and go broke...will they still be your friend?  Not likely.  So why do you think a significant other would fall into different criteria??? 

I don't know if men deal with this...I think women use their bodies to buy men...and primarily their 3 penetrable orifices.  I'm not talking about that (although ya gotta admit it's the same damn thing)...I'm talking about someone straight up and down trying to buy you.

I know I've had more than a few men try to buy my time.  It started back in college when the owner of a local bar/eatery wanted to make me the manager (mind you my major was English and I'd only waitressed for about 10 minutes and can't bartend) of his establishment.  Of course, the price was that I also be his trophy.  He was old enough to be my father.  But it hasn't ended.  Some days I wonder if it's something about me that makes men think they need to impress me (this has continued on with Bentley dude, $150,000 Benz dude, Range Rover dude, owner of multiple properties dude, owns an airplane dude, etc.).  Please note that none of these men had names or faces...you were what you presented yourself as...an object.  Not an object of my desire because I'm not materialistic and despise that trait in others.  But merely an object...not one I even desired to have.

Even when I told one dude that he was "electricity" he still didn't seem to get that there was no romantic connection...you wanted to pay a bill and I gave you one to pay.  And when I was done with him...while it hurt to not have that bill paid, the person who paid the bill didn't matter...cause he never did. 

So why are people so dead-set on buying something that really cannot be bought?


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