Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good and Bad Hair

Don't let the title fool you.  I'm speaking very literally of hair that looks good and hair that looks bad.

I gotta say I love the ability to do all sorts of things with my hair, but the goal at the end of the night is for it to always look good...and equally important...natural.

It seems, however that these goals are not important for everyone...and IMO many of you ladies (this is not a race-specific thing...clowns come in all colors) look just like the picture I posted above. 

When I heard the other week on the radio that all the green hair in Philly was sold out until January, I was appalled.  Not only that there were women out there who desired green hair, but that there was such a massive amount as to have completely been sold out in a city over-ridden with hair supply stores.  My next thought, where does one work if they have green hair?  I could only think of about 3 lucrative careers for someone with green hair. 

I recall when it was difficult to determine if someone was wearing fake hair, now it's often blatantly apparent--why is the edge of your lacefront so obviously the edge of your lacefront???  People used to dye their hair with they dye it kool aid colors.  Manic panic was used for streaks (only on a full head if you were a Goth or Skater), now it's commonplace and often worn in the form of a head-full of manic panic yaky.

Are we running out of things to do with our hair?  Or have we run out of the sense required to do reasonable things with our hair?

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  1. I agree. Since when is a wig a status symbol, fashion statement, security blanket? Find yourself Black Woman! The day you decided it was better to go outside with a wig taped, glued, sewn to your head then to go outside with you God given hair, you forgot your worth