Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Thoughts: Social Networking

Ok, so I decided to do a little random thought thingie every now and again.  You can comment...I don't care.  But they are my random thoughts so there is no rhyme nor reason to them....there will not be a picture on these...too much randomness.

My random thought:  If you are concerned about who's viewing your profile or pictures...why are you on Facebook?  Was it the "social" or the "networking" part that kinda threw you off?

You may see more random thoughts than actual posts...I have lots of thoughts...they are generally random.

                                                                                                       Love ya'll!



  1. With the rise of big brother who is watching twitter account is locked....I have thought of opening it...but dont want to...and I also have nosey church folks....but fuck them....i be talking about they ass

  2. I think people are worried about who's looking at their profiles on fb or other sites because people run their mouths. So a harmless photo can be turned into a bigger issue and you have to remember that people do steal pictures off of websites.

  3. i refuse to even talk about you talkin about the church folk! LMAO

    @shay ...i guess i wonder why you would post it. my thinking is...if you don't want everyone in the world to see it...don't post it on-line.

    anyone who would like to steal my pic and pretend they are me...i'd photoshop it and add tits and ass. as a matter of fact...can someone steal my pic and add those things and send it back so i can pretend to be a better me?

  4. Well its not necessarily pics that you post up. On facebook and even myspace, friends can put up pictures of you and tag you to it. Those are usually the pictures people don't want others to see for fear of embarrassment.